Mahila Samabaya Samiti Ltd.

Regd No - (OCS)- 10/RCS/2014

  • Cuttack : (+91) 0671 - 2334077
  • Badamba : (+91) 06721 - 273020
  • Bhubaneswar : (+91) 0674 - 2472001

Key Accomplishments of SMSSL

All the staff and stakeholders including the BoD in the organization have been putting up their best efforts collectively to realize the set goal and objectives of SMSSL. Over a period of time SMSSL has been able to increase its clientele level and portfolio size positively.

As a growing microfinance institution SMSSL has, indeed, made remarkable progress in the microfinance operation. With the trained and experienced staff in place and the computer based software package in use, SMSSL has started expanding its programs to the nearby blocks/districts also. As of March 2015, it has accomplished a clientele level of 28363 and portfolio outstanding of Rs-217,378,768.00. Its growth both in terms of clientele and savings mobilization has been quite significant in last years.

Microfinance Program Status of SMSSL as on 31st March’ 2015

Key Indicators Cumulative status as on 31st March’2015
Number of Districts 3
Number of Blocks 8
Number of Municipality 2
Number of Slums 205
Number of Villages 134
Number of SHGs 2976
Number of Members 33316
Number of Active Borrowers 20158
Total number of Loans Disbursed 103614
Total Value of Loan Disbursed 1560045000
Loan Portfolio Outstanding 299134422
Interest Rate charged on Loan 18%
Repayment Rate 99.9%
Portfolio at Risk (>30 Days) 0.03%
Total Savings mobilized 322221650
Average Savings mobilized per member per month 127
Average Savings per month per SHG 1270
Rate of Interest paid on Savings 4.5%
Amount of Dividend Paid ------------
% Dividend paid during the year-2013 12%
Number of Members covered through micro insurance services ------------
Number of cases claimed ------------
Number of cases settled ------------
Number of Members covered in micro pension services 222

So also SMSSL has been able to enhance its loan disbursement and portfolio growth with quality. Since inception, SMSSL has been able to disburse a cumulative number of 79538 loans amounting to 10046.64 Lakhs o its members. Despite the slowdown of the microfinance sector across the state and country, SMSSL has been able to maintain a steady growth in its microfinance program and efficiency levels during past years.

SMSSL’s Accomplishments for last five years

Right from the beginning, SMSSL has been able to maintain excellent portfolio quality by high keeping the PAR>30 days and PAR>1 day level below 0.03%. SMSSL has already achieved operational as well as financial sustainability. Its OSS level reached to 184% and its FSS reached 108% as of March 2015. Its Yield on Portfolio has also been high

Simultaneously, SMSSL has been reasonably cost effective and efficient in its operations helping to reinvest its profit to make future loans and grow the portfolio. The table below represents the program performance of SMSSL for last four years.

To maintain this trend going forward, SMSSL will, however, need to mobilize more financial resources, especially loan funds to meet the growing credit needs of the clients. With the proposed expansion into the new areas and market segment, it would be requiring sizable fund support which is being projected in the financial planning and