Mahila Samabaya Samiti Ltd.

Regd No - (OCS)- 10/RCS/2014

  • Cuttack : (+91) 0671 - 2334077
  • Badamba : (+91) 06721 - 273020
  • Bhubaneswar : (+91) 0674 - 2472001

Microfinance Program & Financial Services

Microfinance has been the core program or business of SMSSL since its inception. Having bestowed upon with the program and portfolio by the Swayanshree federation SMSSL continued to avail the demand-based financial services for the members mainly to end poverty. The aim was also to make an effort to provide other ancillary supports for attaining sustainable livelihood options for the members. Having continued the savings and credit activities in a specialized manner, SMSSL concentrated very much in expanding the program to within the existing as well as new areas to achieve the desired outreach and operational self-sufficiency. As a cooperative SMSSL adopts an individual lending methodology to offer its services for the members. Credit policy and operational details are made and adopted considering the local clients and markets