Mahila Samabaya Samiti Ltd.

Regd No - (OCS)- 10/RCS/2014

  • Cuttack : (+91) 0671 - 2334077
  • Badamba : (+91) 06721 - 273020
  • Bhubaneswar : (+91) 0674 - 2472001

Microfinance Systems & Strategies

As a progressive institution, SMSSL has given top priority to develop & strengthen various microfinance related systems and procedures to deliver the financial services in a systematic manner. It has got a comprehensive Operational Manual, Credit policy and HR policy etc and follows that in its operation. While the credit policy provides broad guidelines on members’ education, and their aggregation to informal SHGs & management, savings mobilization in the groups, lending methodology- loan processing, disbursement, repayment etc. the HR policy has detailed provisions to manage the human resources and office administration. For better tracking of the portfolio & management information system, SMSSL has a full-fledged computer based software package, which runs effectively and generate all the required report for program monitoring on a regular basis. Compiling the information, paring the financial statements and sharing that with the stakeholders timely and in a transparent manner has been done regularly by SMSSL.

In view of its proposed expansion and increased portfolio SMSSL has also developed a long-term perspective Business Plan for the organization. Monthly as well as quarterly work plans for the staffs are being drawn out of the annual plan and monitored through review meetings at the office level. The field staffs undertake field level monitoring by visiting the groups and attending their meetings.