Mahila Samabaya Samiti Ltd.

Regd No - (OCS)- 10/RCS/2014

  • Cuttack : (+91) 0671 - 2334077
  • Badamba : (+91) 06721 - 273020
  • Bhubaneswar : (+91) 0674 - 2472001

Synopsis of SMSSL

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SWAYAMSHREE “a net working of women groups” is an endeavor of making an arrangement by themselves for provision of sustainable financial services which is a terrible necessity for urban ultra poor, who are exploited by the money lender in the informal sector for their financial need and get no attention of formal financial institution for their predicament and survival. More over the disguised contribution of women folk in strengthening household and national economy is not recognized. This can be more acknowledged and tangible through their active economic and social participation with life affirming skill and confidence in a self participatory way. Self Help group model is chosen as an instrument for mobilizing financial and social capital and stretching out their ability for handling bigger issues affecting their life in gender blind and close society both in financial and non financial sector. This institution, operating on the basic principles of self stimulating, caring, sharing and mutual help, build up women solidarity in a democratic manner right from the grass root level. Economic development is always prelude to embarking upon any kind of development in the community. Micro finance being an important tool for poverty reduction, the client owned, women SHG federation-SWAYAMSHREE is poverty focused Micro Finance Institution designed to address the financial service needs of urban poor vulnerable women in the informal sector economy who have limited or no control over the income.


Federation emerged out of expressed need at the bottom along with right facilitation from the top. It is an outcome of joint effort of members and promoting institution Cuttack Urban service Improvement project (CUSIP) under Cuttack Municipal Corporation. Hence the process is both evolution and application. Support of the stakeholders like District Administration and other like-minded individuals/ institutions make easier for growth of the institution. The federation has already established it own office in a rented building and engaged skilled workers for effective delivery of its service package.

Need & RelEvance

Build up society, where poor / vulnerable will be able to pull on a healthy life with respect and dignity on a self sustained way along with resource rich.
Economic and social empowerment of poor through establishment of client owned sustainable institution, dedicated to the cause of poor and vulnerable in the community.
By the end of 2014-15 SWAYANSHREE would reach to 29473 Women clients through 2826 self sustained SHGs with need based financial services to a volume of 18.72 crores loan outstanding in Cuttack City and its adjoining areas / Districts.
Provide adequate, appropriate, simple financial & livelihood support services through establishment of client owned MFI on a sustainable basis.
Financial Intermediation
Create a socio-economic momentum in the community through SHGs, build up self confidence by women solidarity, and provide non financial services through its net work.
Social Intermediation
Due to enactment of SHG Co-operative Act in 2001 by Govt. of Orissa, Microfinance programme got separated being registered under the said legal entity in the name of Swayanshree Mahila Samabaya Limited, a sister organization under Swayanshree. Govt. repealed the SHG Co-operative Act 2001 and again registered under Orissa Co-operative Societies Act 1962 and name has been modify to Swyamshree Mahila Samabaya Samiti Ltd.
Relevant points for conversion to cooperative are as under:-

Legal status

Registered under SRA 1860.  Regd. No-   15645-20

Target Group Poor & vulnerable women in both urban and rural community.




Operational Area - State of Orissa under SHG cooperative Act-2001
Slums / Villages covered 205/134
SHG formed 2976
Clients covered 33316
SC 4006
ST 1637
GEN 27673

Office (HR)

Branch Manager  Two
MIS Accountant Three
Computer Asst. Four
Internal Auditor  Two
HR/Admin Manager  One
Field Officer  Thirty Eight
Cashier  One
Credit Manager  Five
Gpw  One
Support Staff  Three

Unique Features

Federation Management

Project Area

Service package

Microfinance Saving
Social welfare financial assistance – ( Mangalpanthi )
Health Health awareness
Health camp
Legal service  Counseling and legal service support to Oppressed/agonized women & destitute in the society.
Micro enterprise Training  Need based vocational training for enhancing income earning opportunity and family income.
 Social Service Antiliquor movement
Sunstroke awareness
Flood relief to its members
Awareness on registration of birth and death. 
Micro enterprise / Business financed (Both in group and Individual) Garment making / trading / tailoring
Running petty shops (Grocery, battle, stationary, sweet, fruits.)
Fruit and Vegetable vending
Rickshaw pulling / repairing, Auto rickshaw, stove repairing.
ICE cream making.
Fast food / restaurant / hotel / tea stall
Carpentry / Leaf plate making.
Badi / papad / agarbati / mask making.
Plaster of paris / Idol making / soft toy making.
Bleaching / phenyl / refill making.
Dairy / poultry
Glass power making.
Betel nut cutting
Spices/kitchen items and fast food packaging and marketing.

Awards/ Prizes/Recognition

Microfinance service
Profile of Financial service

Saving service

Total value of loans disbursed:


Total number of loans disbursed:


Number of loans outstanding (end of period):


Value of loans outstanding (end of period):


Average outstanding balance of loans:


Value of outstanding balance of loans:


Value of loans written off during period:


Average loan size:


Average loan term (months):

18 months

Average number of credit officers:


Micro - Enterprise and Linkage Service

SWAYANSHREE encourages its members to take up various enterprise activities with credit and skill support. It also organizes IGP trg. for potential members under SJSRY and in collaboration with other resource agencies.

Vocational/Business skill trainings imparted

Mushroom planting nos. trained 66
SHG covered  9
Jhuna Agarbati  10
Khalipatra stiching 61
Sewing machines provided   23
Food processing and preservation 30
Business entrepreneurship 10
Jhute article making  60
Flori culture   20
Book binding, Fly leaf/Register/Envelope making 40
Screen printing  15
Artificial Jewellery making 15
Beauty Culture   20
MS Office  15

Mangal Panthi (Social Security Scheme product)

"A social Security Scheme designed to provide assistance of Rs. 1000/- to the kith and Kin of the poorest member at her untimely demise in a group "


Future Plan and challenges of SWAYANSHREE